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Metaloplast-Krakow SP. z o.o. continues the traditions of the small craft plant set up in 1900 to manufacture metal accessories. It bore the name “"Fabryka Wyrobów Metalowych Braci Thorn” ("Brothers Thorn Metal Factory"). After the war, in 1945 the Factory became state-owned.

The first of its post-war products were the buttons with the State emblem ordered by the Polish Army. Since June 2003, the Factory has been a private sector "business to business" enterprise. More than 100 years of tradition and experience in the industry, the wide range of products, and the trendy design and high quality of the products on offer means that we now have over 500 customers in Poland and abroad. We supply the footwear, leathercraft, clothing, electrotechnical, automotive, and other industries.

Currently, the Factory’s collection includes over 1000 models of products made of steel, brass, aluminium and Zamak alloy, available in a wide range of galvanic and painted finishes.

Thanks to our collaboration with many European manufacturers, the Factory is continuously enhancing its range with higher quality products, based on current fashions and customer needs.

We would also like to inform you that the continuous improvement in the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 implemented in 2007 is not in only a slogan in our Company, but also the reality, and full implementation of the Factory’s Quality Policy is the ambition of all its employees.

We warmly invite you to join us.



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